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Celebrating Earth Day at IndiGO


We’re inching our way through spring, and summer will be here before you know it. With the flowers pushing up and greening all around, take time to celebrate Earth Day this Saturday by giving back to the planet. […] Read more

Pet Friendly Happenings at IndiGO


We’re a pet-friendly community, and we’ve tailored our home to make it as welcoming for pet owners as possible. With plenty of outdoor areas, including a special dog park where your pup can roam free, it’s nice to […] Read more

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  • Shuffle through your week in style in our fun clubroom! #Shuffleboard
  • Some days, all you need is an elephant to snuggle! At least according to one of our furriest residents, Kona. Check out more of Kona’s adventures at #IndiGo at @kona_gdoodle!
  • Some styles are absolutely timeless. Find your style at #IndiGo!
  • Life at #IndiGo is always #firstclass! This lovely photo by @mayaramverhulst comes from #FortSnellingPark, just 5 minutes away!
  • Attention to detail makes all the difference. Experience the unique design of #IndiGo.