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IndiGO Celebrates Cinco de Mayo


April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s the perfect time to get your green thumb working. Start small with an herb garden set up in your windowsill or a terrarium for your table. Need help with your […] Read more

Stay in Shape at IndiGO BCS


April showers bring May flowers, which is what we’re hoping for as a reward for recent rain and cloudy days. If it holds off long enough for a road race, Saturday would be a great day to lace […] Read more

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  • We are pumped for the new @Whirlyball that has opened next to us, just a 3 minute drive from indiGO.
  • Thank you. 🎖️
  • Escape the winter weather with some quality time with friends at @theescapegameminneapolis at the Mall of America!
  • Tired of that winter weather? Spa time! indiGO wants you to simmer the winter blues away.⠀
#indiGOapts #Proud2beLMC
  • Grab your coat, grab your hat, and choose your favorite rooftop spot for raising glasses and looking out on the horizon.⠀
#indiGOapts #Proud2beLMC