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IndiGO Celebrates Cinco de Mayo


April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s the perfect time to get your green thumb working. Start small with an herb garden set up in your windowsill or a terrarium for your table. Need help with your […] Read more

Stay in Shape at IndiGO BCS


April showers bring May flowers, which is what we’re hoping for as a reward for recent rain and cloudy days. If it holds off long enough for a road race, Saturday would be a great day to lace […] Read more

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  • Have you been to @clichempls in Uptown? Trust us, the name is pure irony, because this little boutique is anything but ordinary! Perfect for everything from your new winter jacket, to the perfect little black dress.⠀
  • Residents at indiGO don’t have to leave the community for a great workout. Take a spin in indiGO’s on-site fitness center.⠀
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  • Looking for your next happy hour hang? The Happy Hour at @jtsfoodandcocktails goes from 2pm-6pm Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday!
  • This weekend, the @minnesotawild take to the ice to destroy the Dallas Stars on January 18th! Let’s teach these Texans how to skate!
  • Loved our Whiskey Wednesday event that we held in the beginning of this month! Make sure to join in on the fun for future events at indiGO!⠀