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IndiGO Celebrates Cinco de Mayo


April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s the perfect time to get your green thumb working. Start small with an herb garden set up in your windowsill or a terrarium for your table. Need help with your […] Read more

Stay in Shape at IndiGO BCS


April showers bring May flowers, which is what we’re hoping for as a reward for recent rain and cloudy days. If it holds off long enough for a road race, Saturday would be a great day to lace […] Read more

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  • There’s brunch and then there’s @lelampls. Once you try their fully customizable, fully delicious omelets, there’s really no going back.
  • Looking for a fun way to get to know your neighbors? @commongroundsfestival is bringing everyone together to breathe, move, learn, explore and build community together through music and yoga. The next event is on July 20th.⠀
Pic: @kristenmansch
  • We designed the gym at indiGO to feel like your own personal spot. Feel free to work as you please, with whatever equipment works best for you! ⠀
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  • On a nice summer day at indiGO, we love to head to the terrace with friends and family to play card games, eat some snacks, and drink some wine. #indiGOapts #southloopmn
  • We always feel some luck when we dine in at @luckys_13_bloomington