Celebrating Earth Day at IndiGO

April 21, 2017

We’re inching our way through spring, and summer will be here before you know it. With the flowers pushing up and greening all around, take time to celebrate Earth Day this Saturday by giving back to the planet. There’s plenty you can do: start a mini-garden; spring clean your closet and donate those castaways; register for a park clean up; or simply enjoy time spent outdoors, embracing our wonderful world.


In celebration of the day, The Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is hosting a Party of the Planet with two days of activities, animal and plant-based educational programs, plus ideas for how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Thankfully, our central location to mass transit already makes us environment-friendly. It cuts down on time spent in cars, and it helps soften the bite of traffic and parking.


You can also celebrate this environmentally-friendly holiday by heading to Earth and Space Day at the Science Museum of Minnesota. There will be informative sessions and interactive events to increase your knowledge of planet Earth, along with ideas for what we can do as a community to help better it for the future. And even though it sometimes feels like our impact is little, making small changes in our everyday lives is a great place to start.


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Weekend Happenings


Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here to celebrate the life of Prince. It’d be remiss to pass on the opportunity to honor one of Minnesota’s (and the world’s) most beloved musical artists. That’s why you’ll find fans flocking to Paisley Park all weekend long to appreciate the life of the one and only Prince.


Paisley Park—a 65,000 square-foot complex now open to the public—has been regarded as Prince’s “mythical creative sanctuary.” It’s also been the site of private concerts, recordings, and other events hosted by the late performer. Upon the first anniversary of his death, Prince’s legacy will be remembered through live musical performance, panels, artwork, park tours, and collaborative creativity spanning Thursday through Sunday. Try to attend at least one day of what’s likely to be an ongoing, annual event.


Music continues as a central theme to the weekend with 80’s band Def Leppard stopping through on their tour. Anyone who’s ever sung “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while out on the town will love the chance to belt it out live with the band this Friday night. Then, on Saturday, Discland hosts Record Store Day where you can stock up on the music that’s inspired you.



When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

-John Muir